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Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Golden Gate American School in Phnom Penh is an independent, nonsectarian, Pre-K through Twelfth Grade International School for boys and girls.

Our approach is dedicated to educating a core of competencies while meeting the individual needs of every child and its rigorous curriculum.

GGAS is not only an international educational institution but a “home away from home” where the child experiences the joy and love of learning. Particular emphasis is given to mastering essential skills, inspiring a lifelong love of learning, and instilling enthusiasm, responsibility, and self-discipline. Encourage attitudes that promote sense of responsibility and self-reliance contributing to a positive self-image and to becoming independent learner.

GGAS seeks to develop students of high academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, and strong character. Our achievements today can only be measured by the success of our graduates tomorrow. Therefore, we rededicate ourselves to their future.

Vision Statement

GGAS’ goal is to give each student the foundation of basic skills needed in order to succeed in today’s world and, at the same time, to stimulate the urge to learn, to explore, and to develop individual talents.

Our approach to educating our students is:

• to challenge them to challenge themselves;

• to surround them with the possibilities of success;

• to train them early and well to completely and effectively use the abilities they possess and the skills we can teach them; and

• to help them use these abilities and skills to acquire knowledge and articulate that knowledge to their best advantage.