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Teacher Description

English Teachers

Golden Gate originally opened its doors as an English Language School. Though our operations have expanded over the years, our focus on English remains paramount in our curriculum today — which is why we accept only the most qualified English teaching staff.

Our English teachers are all native speakers from countries like the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia. Many of them have education degrees and teaching experience in their home countries, and all of them have passed the rigorous testing standards to obtain a TESOL or similar English teaching certificate.

Chinese Teachers

In today’s multicultural business world, one foreign language alone is often not enough to give your child a head start. For this reason, we offer Chinese language classes taught by certified native speakers recruited directly from China’s best schools. All of our Chinese teachers have degrees in Methodology from Chinese universities and come to GGAS prepared to give your student the finest Chinese language education available outside China.

Khmer Teachers

While Golden Gate offers its students an education advantage far above that of their public school peers, we also acknowledge the importance of giving our students a firm grasp of the Ministry of Education’s standardized curriculum. To do this, we recruit the best public school teachers from across Phnom Penh to come and teach at GGAS.

Our Khmer teachers all hold degrees in Methodology and are fully certified by the Cambodian government. Plus, their continued part-time teaching positions at local public schools ensures they are always up-to-date with the latest curriculum developments and teaching techniques recommended by the Ministry of Education.