Golden Gate Sokun Therayu [Official HD MV]

Story performance Rei and Sromoch Perform by Campus 1 students

Xiang Xin Weng Xiang​ (Perform by chinese classes Campus 3)

Forever Friends - មិត្តភាពយូរអង្វែង

Pkar Ory Pkar Kropom (Perform by grade 5 students, Campus 5)

Kroma Show performance (Perform by Grade 4 students Campus3)

Orptei Srok Khmer song (Perform by grade 5 students, Campus 5)

Greatest Showman,This is me (Perform by Grade 3 students Campus 3)

Fight Song (Perform by Grade 2 Students Campus 6)

Can't Stop the Feeling (Perform by Grade 5 and 6 Campus 1)

Banana Boat Song (Perform by Grade 3 and 4 Campus 1)

ABC easy as 123 Song (Perform by Grade 2 students Campus 3)