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At Golden Gate American School, we can nurture your child into a lifelong learner. Starting in Nursery School and continuing through High School, our dedicated staff strive to instill in our students the Golden Gate values of academic achievement, intellectual curiosity and strong moral character.

For Golden Gate graduates, learning doesn’t end with a high school diploma, but rather continues throughout life, opening doors to opportunity along the way.

Take a look at our programs to see which one is right for your child or Enroll now  and give your child the advantage of a Golden Gate education today.

Nursery School

At Golden Gate, our dedicated teachers and staff know that learning should be fun. Nowhere in our curriculum is this ideal better reflected than in our Nursery School.

GGAS offers full- and half-day Nursery classes for children aged two to four. Our students fill those hours building a foundational knowledge of subjects from mathematics to science and art, all in an English-immersion environment that will give your child the best advantage on the path to fluency. Playtime also takes a central role in our Nursery School programs, as students learn to explore and understand the world around them. Learn more.



GGAS strives to build upon Kindergartener’s growing knowledge base with colorful and interactive lessons that engage students in the learning process. Our exciting new curriculum presents the world in a way children understand — through easy-to-absorb, bite-sized pieces that spark students’ curiosity without drowning them in detail.

Our certified native English-speaking teachers strive to make our students’ earliest learning experiences positive ones, so that they will naturally grow into lifelong learners. Learn more.


Primary School

Our Primary School is divided into two tracks: The USA Curriculum Primary School Program and the Cambodian Curriculum Primary School Program. Parents can choose the program best suited to their child’s needs and interests.

The USA Curriculum program features our certified native English-speaking teachers, who teach all subject matter in English — from math to social sciences and grammar — providing the all-important immersion environment that will foster your child’s English language skills. Curriculum for this course is planned and taught alongside an accredited American primary education institution in the US, ensuring the highest quality of education for your child.

The Cambodian Curriculum program is taught 100 percent in Khmer by Cambodian public school teachers with degrees in Methodology. Your child will learn subject matter approved by the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in a supportive environment featuring our standard small class sizes and dedicated staff. Learn more.


High School

As students grow, so does their need for customized learning experiences. At GGAS, we have designed three separate High School Programs to ensure the best possible education to meet your student’s unique needs and ambitions, helping unlock a future filled with opportunity. Students can choose from: USA High School Diploma Program, College Preparatory USA High School Diploma Program, and Cambodian High School Diploma Progam.

Our USA High School Diploma Program as well as the College Preparatory Program both offer students the opportunity to earn a real US High School diploma recognized by educational institutions across the US. To earn this diploma, students study all of the subject matter standard in US high schools, including advanced mathematics and sciences, literature and more. Our native English-speaking teachers are there every step of the way to guide students along the path to graduation.

The College Preparatory Program goes even further, paving the way to an advanced education at a university or vocational school by giving your student with the skills and knowledge needed to pass entrance examinations and make a successful college career.

Our Cambodian High School Diploma Program sets students on the path toward a Cambodian diploma certified by the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Khmer teachers with Methodology degrees instruct the classes in 100 percent Khmer, in accordance with government curriculum standards.