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American University Transfer Foundation Program

The Golden Gate American School University Transfer Foundation Program (GGAS-UTFP) is a special program designed to give GGAS students a head-start on their American degree while reducing costs and increasing student potential for success in their international university studies.

The GGAS-UTFP gives parents a significant cost reduction in their child’s international university education by allowing up to one year of university credit to be earned through the GGAS program. Furthermore, students will benefit from increased personal maturity and gain experience with university-level studies in the Foundation Program. This program will increase student confidence in their own abilities and potential to succeed at university level courses while improving their English language skills. Student success in the GGAS-UTFP will give parents valuable reassurance regarding their children’s potential before investing large sums of money in an international program abroad. Local program accreditation assures parents of the highest standards and a direct transfer path to Northwood University in the US or its International Program Centers in Malaysia and Sri Lanka means a guaranteed international path.

Since children will be able to begin their international foundation program while living at home in Cambodia, they will have an opportunity to build a strong foundation for their future studies, before venturing abroad to new environments. The professional, caring environments of GGAS and home will increase student chances of success in this important transition to university level foundation studies.

The following courses in the GGAS-UTFP will transfer to corresponding courses at Northwood University. Courses will be chosen after personal career guidance from the visiting Director of Admissions. Courses selected will be matched to the student’s career choices and future plans.

• English Composition
• American History
• World History
• Asian History
• Microeconomics
• Macroeconomics
• Accounting 1
• Accounting 2
• College Algebra
• Pre-Calculus
• Statistics
• Introduction to Computers and Applications
• Sociology
• Environmental Science (non-lab)
• Physics
Students selecting a major in International Business may also receive Foreign Language requirements if they can prove fluency in Khmer.

In addition to transferring to Northwood University in the U.S., students can also continue studies at Northwood International Program Centers in Malaysia and Sri Lanka.  These Asian options ensure students a true American education while minimizing costs and keeping students closer to home in an Asian culture. Malaysia and Sri Lanka are both growing economies closely connected to other economies in their region and offer business students excellent future opportunities.

The GGAS-UTFP is an excellent option for parents and students considering international university studies.